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June 28

Dutch Uncles: Oh Yeah (C Duncan Remix)

  With their fifth album Big Balloon released in February 2017, Manchester’s Dutch Uncles continue to illuminate the music scene with their distinct art-rock sound. Founded in 2008 and comprised of Pete Broadhead (guitar), Andy Proudfoot (drums), Robin Richards (bass guitar), and Duncan Wallis (vocalist), the indie-quartet gets remixed by Glasgow musician and composer C […]

April 16

Blood Orange: Uncle ACE (a/jus/ted Remix)

One of 2013’s highlights, Blood Orange‘s “Uncle Ace” detailed the plight of NYC’s LGBT homeless youth, loosed to drift through the city at the witching hour. (a/jus/ted) tightens up the track with some pounding synth movements and signature disco grooves. Well played, or should I say… well adjusted?      

April 10

Ponto Gira (Original Mamba Mix)

World music remix anyone? By incorporating the sounds of Northeastern Brazilian macumba – a percussion-heavy music derived from Afro-Brazilian religious practices – into a newer idiom more related to contemporary popular music, Ponto Gira provides one of the most exciting slices of life to hit the Blogosphere in months.