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March 21


  Looking for a perfect genre-bending track to mix into your next playlist? WOMPS has exactly what you’re looking for. A little of bit pop and a little bit of punk blend together in “Darling”, the single off of the Scottish band’s debut LP, “Our Fertile Forever”. It’s at once synth-heavy and yet easily would […]

January 18

Loose Buttons: Milk & Roses

  Search no further for the next track to add to your break up playlist, as New York City band, Loose Buttons, release their newest EP, Sundays, this February. The indie-rock quartet aims to create an anthem album geared toward moving on and moving forward, after lead singer Eric Nizgretsky’s recent breakup. The first single from […]

January 17

Wyndham: Double You EP

With the mainstream music scene currently in locked into influences from EDM and rap, Los Angeles musician Wyndham graces the indie-rock scene with his new EP, Double You. Gathering inspiration from the sounds of nature in various world destinations such New Zealand and Europe, Wyndham puts together instrumentations that not only elegantly frame the dissonance […]

January 11

Mainland: Dummy Test

  New York music scene regulars, Mainland, piece together cut-up aggressive post-punk vibes described by the band as “something you can shake your hair to really crazy”. With one foot in the indie-rock genre, Mainland’s sound falls slightly to the left of Interpol and The Strokes, yet slightly to the right of Misfits and Sex […]

July 14

1 2 Watch 4 – Katie Burden: I Can See It Clear

  Here I am again, taking a full week+ off from posting… not for any lack of great music, it just seems life gets in the way and it is difficult for one person to keep it up. But, do not be discouraged – I WILL continue on and share the gems that come through […]

June 23

Hip Premiere | Cardinal Harbor: Mirth

Cardinal Harbor’s new track “Mirth” is a perfect balance between synthesized sounds and live orchestration.

June 20

Rabid Young: Before You Go

Rabid Young’s new stellar track makes me happy!

March 08


  There is a very sinister feel to the “Sun City Creeps” paired with an upbeat percussive element, which is intoxicating. The horns create a lovely Spanish feel and we are brought to present day with the synths in the background. Woods new album is dropping April 8, and I anticipate it will be one […]

March 07


  I love the music from the 60’s and 70’s; its rawness has an innate ‘humanness’ to it, which I find lacking in a lot of today’s pop music. Wesley Fuller harks back to that golden era of music while bringing a fresh, current sound to his new melodic track “Melvista”. It’s immediately catchy, filled […]

March 04


  Bones Garage brings us the compelling video for “Birthmarks”, which takes you on a journey of two fated souls (with birthmarks, of course) who were born the same day / same hospital and later meeting, falling in love and enjoying all the ups and downs of destined love. I really dig the harmonies and […]