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February 17

Kirk Knight: Black Noise, Magic Mirror

  Brooklyn, NY producer and rapper Kirk Knight has blown us all away with his instrumental beats album, Black Noise. Since his last release in 2015, it’s clear that Kirlan has been hard at work, refining his unique sound and skill set as a producer. The tracks all seem to follow a psychedelic theme, with […]

September 23


I definitely see the premier and widespread acclaim of KAYTRANADA’s 99.9% as a great victory in the hip-hop, rap, and R&B scene. I discovered KAYTRA in a future-hop basket with Samuel Truth, Dirty Chocolate, and Geotheory on SoundCloud in 2014. It was love at first listen. KAYTRA brings 80’s and 90’s hip-hop back to life with upbeat, […]

February 25


  I absolutely fell in love with this video from theMIND within the first 5 seconds. The claymation is wonderfully colorful and it compliments the lyrical content and message of “Mercury Rising” perfectly. Typically I am not into auto-tuned vocals but in the dreamy ambiance of the track and the stuttering instrumental it fits like a glove. […]

February 23

Salomon Faye: Did I Do That

NYC MC Salomon Faye has something to say and he says it with brutal honesty and world class panache.

November 06

Earl Sweatshirt: 45

Today Earl Sweatshirt shared a 76-second track with the YouTube title “45”. His tweet just reads “ALCHEMIST / SWAMPMAN”, which means the track was very likely produced by the Alchemist.

September 10

Phibes: The Big Riddims Mix

Tasty mix of some hip hop and reggae inspired material from the funked up duo, Phibes.

September 05

1 2 watch 4 – Oswald: Sea Full of Sharks

San Francisco truth sayer Oswald is releasing his debut EP, Ride, October 14th. This excellent track showcases the young MC’s passionate delivery while merging several genres into one astonishingly mature sound.

August 12

Aesop Rock: ZZZ Top

From the first drum break to the last rhyme, Aesop Rock delivers his finest material since Labor Days. Check out his new album Skelethon via Rhymesayers.  

July 23

1 2 watch 4 – IshDARR: Nothing

1 2 watch 4: Seventeen years young, Milwaukee born super talent on a journey for the better life. #betterthankendrick