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February 15

Hinemoa: Still For a Moment

  The Icelandic 4-person indie pop band, Hinemoa, has been emerging onto the music scene with dreamy melodies along steady rhythms. Recording and playing live since their 2014 formation, which includes a recent performance at the Iceland Airwaves festival, Hinemoa is releasing their 4th single, the first one from their upcoming album. Hinemoa’s “Still for […]

September 20

Keaton Henson : Alright

Keaton Henson is an English folk musician, poet, visual artist, and overall eccentric national treasure. Henson has quietly worked behind in the scenes through his art since 2010, releasing projects every year with little fanfare and marketing publication. Henson, who suffers from anxiety, uses his pain to create beautiful, art that touches on our collective […]

March 30

Lindsay Kupser: Quiet Songs EP

Canadian artist Lindsay Kupser’s new release Quiet Songs strongly highlights the singer’s soothing vocals. Every track on the album is melodic and dreamy, taking you on a wonderous, peaceful journey. My favorite song off the album is “Couldn’t Move To Brooklyn”, where her voice soars over sparse piano and acoustic guitar, creating a track that is trance-like […]

February 24


  Something a bit different for your ears today from artist Lewis Knudsen. The track “Death and Cats” starts off with a mellow intro and leads you into a wonderfully fun track about the process of becoming a ‘cat lady’. (which, I gather, Lewis feels is not a splendid thing to become.) The sparse, entertaining track […]

September 15

Gun Outfit: Only Ever Over

  Melodic guitar lines with dreamy male/female vocals that mix and inspire the type of daze-y haze that comes while watching the sunrise after an all nighter in Lauren Canyon. (not that I would know…)

June 30

Scott Krokoff: Sparrows

Scott Krokoff creates pristine country pop evocative of Tom Petty’s Wildflower period. His poignant new album Realizations & Declarations Vol. 2 is scheduled for a September 4th release.