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June 27

Cigarettes After Sex: “Apocalypse”

  In search of a perfect moody song? Look no further than the cinematic “Apocalypse”, the newly released single off of Cigarettes After Sex’s upcoming self-titled LP. The Brooklyn-based band’s full length album is a long time coming, but if “Apocalypse” is any indication, it’s been worth the wait. Cigarettes After Sex transports you somewhere […]

February 16

Dutch Uncles: Streetlight

  It’s not often that you find a song that makes you want to groove and also think deeply about the song’s message. With “Streetlight”, Manchester natives Dutch Uncles manage to do exactly that. With four studio albums already under their belt, Dutch Uncles are hardly newcomers to the industry. Yet their single “Streetlight” from […]

January 21

Norty:We Were Nearly There

  Perhaps the most innovative genre-bender to have graced the electronic music scene is Michigan producer and multi-instrumentalist, Norty. His sound is so unique that one couldn’t possibly place him under just one musical category. His resonant vocals seem to stem from indie rock, yet his beats and breaks could have been shaken down from […]

June 17

Ryan Hemsworth: Burying the Sun

  Canada’s Ryan Hemsworth released a new track today hot off the heels of the amazing “How It Felt” released earlier this month (which slipped through the cracks here at What’s Hip¿ and is an EXCELLENT track). “Burying the Sun” is a bit more experimental in nature, mixing some dope beats with eastern percussive elements […]

June 16

1 2 Watch 4 – Jacob Alexander: Again

  After a looong time away, this track appropriately eases me back into the face-paced nature of the music world. “Again” by Jacob Alexander is dreamy and powerful, invoking a triumphant, untouchable feeling within me. It is hard to believe it was written by a 17-year-old high schooler! Get lost in the ambiance and make sure […]

March 09

1 2 Watch 4 – WNWD: HIGHER

  I became aware of WNWD after discovering their track “Cruise” – which is an outstanding modern r&b track with gorgeous vocals, stellar production and a soothing melody. They have just released a new single, “Higher”, which has a slightly different feel and vibe. It is a hazy number with a darker feel that moves along […]

November 20

Scene Writers: Feel

  Today I present a beautifully produced track from Berlin’s Scene Writers. The electro-pop duo presents “Feel”, an atmospheric, pulsing single that definitely is getting me ready for a fun-filled weekend. This is the lead-off track to their debut EP “Into Neverland“, which will be released on November 21st 2015. Find out more about Scene Writers here.

September 03

David Douglas: White Heat Blood (feat. Blaudzun)

  An excellent track coming from Dutch electronic producer David Douglas. There is a hint of glitchy dub coming through the track, but quickly it becomes something dreamy featuring analogue synthesizer sounds and groovy beats.

August 27

1 2 watch 4 – Umiaq: Dreaming

Los Angeles based producer Umiaq will be dropping an EP called “Far From Home” in mid October. Check out the effervescent “Dreamer” with it’s tapestry of soft piano chords, scatter shot beats and muffled vocals. Certainly a dreamy tune with an alluring ambience.  

May 07

Alex Smoke: Green Man

An excellent mood piece coming from Alex Smoke and his new single, “Green Man”.  Taking me back to the good ‘ole days of jazzy house music and warm nights dancing under the stars.