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If you have a new release that you feel fits within the style of music we typically post, then we would love to hear it. WH can be reached by emailing whatshipmusic at gmail dot com. Please, please, please do NOT add the email to your mailing lists, personal emails work best. If you are a publicist/label, please reach out before adding WH to your press releases to make sure we are up for it.

We will only post unreleased or recently released tracks (we love premieres and will post them if we really, REALLY like the track!) or songs/albums that have been out for no longer than one month. WH get hundreds of submissions a day and this blog is a passion project so my time and my writer’s time is limited. We try to post one track a week minimum, but, sometimes this is not possible, therefore recommend sending in music a couple months prior to the release so there is ample time to schedule it into our queue.

Thank you for your interest and for supplying our music addiction!

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