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June 30

HIP Premiere | Chantal Monte: Syrup

  Take a break from the stress of your day and give this relaxing and meditative track from chanteuse Chantal Monte a listen… We here at WH are happy to premiere her seductive and sensual video that may just turn your mid-day break into a focused meditation on how to get the rest of your […]

September 19

Bo Rocha: Enough For You

    Bo Rocha a.k.a. Kate Sproule is an electronic/dream pop artist from London, UK. Her newest song, “Enough For You,” is the second single off of her forthcoming project Hold My Gaze. It is immediately apparent why Rocha is snatching praise left and right from fans and critics alike. Over a watery and wobbly […]

February 23


  This single came across my desk a few weeks back and has been on repeat – beautiful track from an amazingly talented vocalist and musician. Get lost in the fanciful track and let it take you to the heights of your day dream…

November 20

Scene Writers: Feel

  Today I present a beautifully produced track from Berlin’s Scene Writers. The electro-pop duo presents “Feel”, an atmospheric, pulsing single that definitely is getting me ready for a fun-filled weekend. This is the lead-off track to their debut EP “Into Neverland“, which will be released on November 21st 2015. Find out more about Scene Writers here.

September 15

Gun Outfit: Only Ever Over

  Melodic guitar lines with dreamy male/female vocals that mix and inspire the type of daze-y haze that comes while watching the sunrise after an all nighter in Lauren Canyon. (not that I would know…)

August 12

Patti Yang: I’m Ready (Free MP3)

This is one sexy song about being in love… bordering on obsession. It’s an excellent track for your late summer soundtrack (it’s free!) – let it entice you to let go for one last breath before the fun is over.

August 07

Lewis Del Mar: Memories

An amazing track for your Friday evening… Lewis Del Mar delivers a multi-faceted and delicious sound to get you ready for your weekend escapades.

September 23


You can download this delicious track by AZEDIA for free HERE.

September 05

1 2 watch 4 – Oswald: Sea Full of Sharks

San Francisco truth sayer Oswald is releasing his debut EP, Ride, October 14th. This excellent track showcases the young MC’s passionate delivery while merging several genres into one astonishingly mature sound.

May 08

Miniature Tigers: UTBTS

To start off the day, we go down memory lane with Miniature Tigers and their soft, poppy single “Used To Be the Shit”.  It’s a dreamy stroll through remembrances of a past relationship.  If only all romances were thought of this way…