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October 31

Hip Premiere | The Shakey Tables: Mr. Vampire

New York based retro funk outfit The Shakey Tables present their fun video for Mr. Vampire just in time for Halloween, exclusively for the readers of What’s Hip¿! The video skirts the line between sexy temptation and endearing campiness when the sultry lead singer, Jaclyn Dima, is tempted by a mysterious gent that turns out […]

October 21


Mos Isley may not be a familiar name this side of the Atlantic, but that surely won’t last long with output as good as this. The emotionally-liberating, intimate road trip visuals are the perfect compliment to the bands jangly brand of indie pop. There is also a strong non-judgmental sentiment that pervades this excellent music […]

November 17

String of Hip Vids

What do these awesome videos have in common?

September 18

the GOASTT: Animals

Lovin’ this psychedelic freak show from the GOASTT which sets out to spoof the Source Family and all things wacky and occult. Wait for the UFO’s round’ 4:00 ; )

September 11

Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds: Go

The four-minute clip is a surrealist feast for the eyes, filled with black-lit, bullet-hole-ravaged rooms, desert exploration, some swords, and plenty of bewitching dance moves. Boucher is mesmerizing as Dante while Blood Diamonds follows her throughout the desert as Virgil. via Refinery29

September 05

SomeKindaWonderful: Reverse

Epic love lorn tale told in reverse over big drums and spaghetti western riffs.

August 12

Aesop Rock: ZZZ Top

From the first drum break to the last rhyme, Aesop Rock delivers his finest material since Labor Days. Check out his new album Skelethon via Rhymesayers.  

June 27

The Silent Conversation via Dazed Push bike gangs, transvestites and female police officers: on the streets of Lahore and face to face with its wild youth    

May 07

The Trouble With Templeton: Soldiers

A brooding song set to a dark, surreal and dreamy video.  Check out the new video for “Soldiers” by The Trouble With Thempleton.

May 06

Tijuana Love: Tuesday Morning [world-wide video premiere]

Tijuana Love is a newly formed four piece from Central America, skilled in the art of fusing disco and electronica with Latin island funk. Their often campy style and unassuming lyrics make for a playful listen, softening the methodical sound of western EDM with the natural involvement of Spanish rhythms. Their song “Tuesday Morning” is […]