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June 23

Hip Premiere | Cardinal Harbor: Mirth

Cardinal Harbor’s new track “Mirth” is a perfect balance between synthesized sounds and live orchestration.

June 22

Coast Modern: Guru

  I absolutely love this band. If you have not given the last track “Animals” a spin, I suggest you do so here. Their newest track, “Guru”, snuck through the cracks but once I gave it a listen I had to share it. It has a wonderfully spacey and delicious tropical groove with lyrics that […]

June 21

Emma Louise: West End Kids

  While I was watching the clouds roll in and blanket the sunshine, this track came across my desk from Austrailian chanteuse Emma Louise. Her beautiful voice was a soothing addition to my melancholy mood, her lyrics touching memories from a dream I had last night about past friends and the sweet adventures we had. […]

June 20

Rabid Young: Before You Go

Rabid Young’s new stellar track makes me happy!

June 17

Ryan Hemsworth: Burying the Sun

  Canada’s Ryan Hemsworth released a new track today hot off the heels of the amazing “How It Felt” released earlier this month (which slipped through the cracks here at What’s Hip¿ and is an EXCELLENT track). “Burying the Sun” is a bit more experimental in nature, mixing some dope beats with eastern percussive elements […]

June 17

Future Lovers: Come On

  Summer is almost here and I am definitely feeling the call of long, sunny days and warm evenings. The new track from Future Lovers, “Come On”, perfectly reflects the excitement of the coming season with Valeria’s compelling, soaring vocals over the driving and upbeat melody. Press play, get happy and follow Future Lovers for […]

June 16

1 2 Watch 4 – Jacob Alexander: Again

  After a looong time away, this track appropriately eases me back into the face-paced nature of the music world. “Again” by Jacob Alexander is dreamy and powerful, invoking a triumphant, untouchable feeling within me. It is hard to believe it was written by a 17-year-old high schooler! Get lost in the ambiance and make sure […]

April 15


Insanely good vibes on this slow burner from Toronto chanteuse Charlotte Day Wilson.

March 30

Lindsay Kupser: Quiet Songs EP

Canadian artist Lindsay Kupser’s new release Quiet Songs strongly highlights the singer’s soothing vocals. Every track on the album is melodic and dreamy, taking you on a wonderous, peaceful journey. My favorite song off the album is “Couldn’t Move To Brooklyn”, where her voice soars over sparse piano and acoustic guitar, creating a track that is trance-like […]

March 23

Lillie Lemon: Burning Bridges

Social-political California synth pop duo Lillie Lemon are offering up the new single “Burning Bridges” as they kick off their nine-month stretch of self-plotted shows across the US. The tracks global syntax is sunbaked with tropical dance grooves and shimmering hooks, sounding like a grown up version of Purity Ring. Its raw examination of the […]