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September 21

Negative Gemini: Don’t Worry Bout The Fuck I’m Doing

    Negative Gemini is Lindsey French who writes, produces, manages, and composes herself with New York style. French, who moved from Richmond, VA to Brooklyn, NY in order to set off her solo career, has put together a sound that transports the listener to another world full of dreamy soundscapes and emotion. Richmond, known […]

September 20

Keaton Henson : Alright

Keaton Henson is an English folk musician, poet, visual artist, and overall eccentric national treasure. Henson has quietly worked behind in the scenes through his art since 2010, releasing projects every year with little fanfare and marketing publication. Henson, who suffers from anxiety, uses his pain to create beautiful, art that touches on our collective […]

September 19

Bo Rocha: Enough For You

    Bo Rocha a.k.a. Kate Sproule is an electronic/dream pop artist from London, UK. Her newest song, “Enough For You,” is the second single off of her forthcoming project Hold My Gaze. It is immediately apparent why Rocha is snatching praise left and right from fans and critics alike. Over a watery and wobbly […]