Siamese: Chromatose


Searching for the next glam-rock track to add to your playlist? Get ready for Dallas, Texas quartet Siamese as they deliver a beautifully haunting melody with “Chromatose,” the third track of their debut EP The Mesmerist, which was released in early March of 2017. Backed by Paul Alonzo (bass), Nicole Marxen-Myers (synth, guitar, vocals), Paul Grass (drums), and Teddy Waggy (guitar, vocals), Siamese enthralls the listener with lush vocals, gorgeous instrumentation, and a pinch of glitter.

While “Chromatose” has an anesthetizing effect on the listener with its slinky vocals and echo-y guitar-strums, there’s an energy behind the chorus as fuzzy lyrics become clear words that call the listener into focus: “Please dedicate your heart/to your new/profession…” The chanting of professions during the bridge is brilliantly performative, with deep, long pauses between each word, “Actor/Athlete/Author…” The whisper-hush intonation evokes an image of a séance, conjuring self-reflection within the listener, reverberating questions of self-identity once the song is over.

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Kai Lawren