Dutch Uncles: Oh Yeah (C Duncan Remix)


With their fifth album Big Balloon released in February 2017, Manchester’s Dutch Uncles continue to illuminate the music scene with their distinct art-rock sound. Founded in 2008 and comprised of Pete Broadhead (guitar), Andy Proudfoot (drums), Robin Richards (bass guitar), and Duncan Wallis (vocalist), the indie-quartet gets remixed by Glasgow musician and composer C Duncan who infuses Big Balloon’s “Oh Yeah” with synth-filled swagger. And the result is exhilarating.

C Duncan’s remix of “Oh Yeah” is wonderfully propulsive with its layers of synthesized funk, sparking memories of Super Nintendo games like Super Mario World or Zelda: A Link To The Past, and inviting the listener to dance the day away only to engage in life’s next adventure. Wallis’ androgynously smooth falsetto soothes and works as an integral layer within the remix. Certain lyrics are emphasized as Wallis sopranos, “I drink wine with a halo,” and Dutch Uncles’ “Oh Yeah” (C Duncan Remix) ultimately feels like a celebration of the moment that indeed makes us “feel like humming.”

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Kai Lawren