Cigarettes After Sex: “Apocalypse”


In search of a perfect moody song? Look no further than the cinematic “Apocalypse”, the newly released single off of Cigarettes After Sex’s upcoming self-titled LP. The Brooklyn-based band’s full length album is a long time coming, but if “Apocalypse” is any indication, it’s been worth the wait. Cigarettes After Sex transports you somewhere new, into a place of in-betweens and uncertainty. Melancholy and bittersweet, “Apocalypse” is the kind of song that haunts. Its lullaby-esque rhythms ease you into an unsettled sleep with unsettled dreams, ones that can’t decide if it’s a good dream or if it’s a nightmare.

The haunted sensation carries into the lyrics as well, and they’ll echo in your head long after you’ve first listened to the track. Steady and full of longing–and perhaps a bit of repulsion–“Apocalypse” takes us to unsteady ground. It fills every second with its moody pop vibes. Without a doubt, “Apocalypse” is an aptly named track.

Journey to the end of the world with Cigarettes After Sex here.