Laucan: Up Tomorrow


In search of the next psychedelic-folk track and EP to add to your playlist? Look no further than London singer-songwriter Laucan (pronounced lor-can) who delivers a stunning soundscape with “Up Tomorrow,” the title track of his debut EP of the same name. Laucan’s lead single “Up Tomorrow” is both escapist and immersive, a velvet-soft falsetto grounding the music with intense emotionality while evoking a trance-like state in the listener.

The layers of sound in “Up Tomorrow” envelope the listener, placing them inside the room where Laucan is strumming his guitar, singing, “Sunlight pours through the doorway, picks up patterns on the floor.” Laucan’s falsetto is balmy and pours like sunlight through the crisp energy of a distinctive guitar hook. The soft percussion and whistle-chirp of birds adds to the serenity, while the screech of violins sounds like a scream, a longing to be heard.

Laucan’s debut EP Up Tomorrow was released March 10, 2017 through label Sunday Best.

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Kai Lawren