Looking for a perfect genre-bending track to mix into your next playlist? WOMPS has exactly what you’re looking for. A little of bit pop and a little bit of punk blend together in “Darling”, the single off of the Scottish band’s debut LP, “Our Fertile Forever”. It’s at once synth-heavy and yet easily would find a home in a 90s garage. It’s got all the angst and aching you could ask for, with a more modern pop style to back it up. It doesn’t fit into any one style.

With a solid, steady drum keeping time, WOMPS gives us “Darling” with a dose of desire and heartbreak. Guitars and an voice full of yearning add another layer of bittersweetness, but with the synthetic pop backing, some of that aching is soothed just a little. “Darling” blends genres, creating something new as a result, both sweet and sour in its sound—perfect for any mood, any time.

Mix it up with WOMPS here.