Tasseomancy: Do Easy


With a name like Tasseomancy, one has to wonder if this Toronto based sister duo has dabbled in a bit of magic. The release of their video for their new single, “Do Easy”, more than answers the question. Set in a condo, “Do Easy” explores the dichotomy of order versus chaos.  Fascinatingly absurd images float across the screen as the gentle pop beat plays, calling to mind images of old fairytales—such as Beauty and the Beast’s animated objects, and Alice’s natural Wonderland, for starters. Ethereal vocals transport the viewer even further into the world Tasseomancy has created. “Do Easy” is the perfect soundtrack to drift through this strange and unusual place.

One of the most striking images presented in “Do Easy” is that of a collapsing apartment building. Evoking tarot imagery of The Tower, the collapse signifies change, and perhaps even answers the questions Tasseomancy poses in their video. Do we crave order, or do we crave the untamable?

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