Dead Seem Old: This Mess Won’t Make Itself


London based project, Dead Seem Old, released a new track, “This Mess Won’t Make Itself,” which is accompanied by a beautifully evocative animated video. Produced, mixed, and engineered by Javier Weyler and directed by Joseph Blanc, the video explores the cryptic nature of the human condition and delves deep into the fearful resistance to human mortality.

Dead Seem Old’s video imbues its characters with a sense of life and energy through red and auburn hues while simultaneously supplementing the song’s lyrics, “Don’t you get old/ Don’t you get old on me/ I got nowhere else to go” with scenes of death and decay, drawing a connection between loving a person and having a home. Liminality is conveyed as the video blurs the lines between 2 and 3 dimensionality, rendering the characters expressionless and ageless, strange and seemingly human. Furthermore, smoky darkness is used as a backdrop to emphasize objects and characters in a scene, creating a diorama effect for the viewer, and illuminating the complex relationship between life and death.

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Kai Lawren