Kirk Knight: Black Noise, Magic Mirror


Brooklyn, NY producer and rapper Kirk Knight has blown us all away with his instrumental beats album, Black Noise. Since his last release in 2015, it’s clear that Kirlan has been hard at work, refining his unique sound and skill set as a producer. The tracks all seem to follow a psychedelic theme, with swelling synths and hypnotizing 808s. The very first track on the album, “Flight 14”, certainly takes us above the clouds with melodic hooks and full, bubbly soundscapes. Each song carries a different groove while remaining within the confines of the classic Kirk Knight sound.


During a recent trip overseas, Kirlan found himself in his favorite city with all the necessary equipment to produce a killer music video for the pensive bonus track, “Magic Mirror”, which is the only track with vocals on the entire album. In the self reflective song, Kirk is seen roaming the cultured streets of London, where he claims to find much of his inspiration. His lyrics are illuminated by the neon lights, while his beats are backdropped by beautiful street artwork. There isn’t an aspect of Kirk and his work that isn’t absolutely mesmerizing.

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