Dutch Uncles: Streetlight


It’s not often that you find a song that makes you want to groove and also think deeply about the song’s message. With “Streetlight”, Manchester natives Dutch Uncles manage to do exactly that. With four studio albums already under their belt, Dutch Uncles are hardly newcomers to the industry. Yet their single “Streetlight” from the upcoming album Big Balloon—releasing February 17—proves that there’s still much in their sound to be surprised by. It’s fitting, after all, that a song that lyrically explores notions of self-discovery find that same discovery reflected in its music.

From staccato electronic beats to steadying drums to soaring vocals, Dutch Uncles takes you on a journey with them, one guitar strum at a time. Fortunately, Dutch Uncles don’t leave you on the road without a guide. Their dynamic, clever lyrics are the only map you need. Dutch Uncles challenge you to go find yourself with them, and, in between dancing to their infectious beats, you may do just that.

Find yourself with Dutch Uncles here.