Hinemoa: Still For a Moment


The Icelandic 4-person indie pop band, Hinemoa, has been emerging onto the music scene with dreamy melodies along steady rhythms. Recording and playing live since their 2014 formation, which includes a recent performance at the Iceland Airwaves festival, Hinemoa is releasing their 4th single, the first one from their upcoming album.

Hinemoa’s “Still for a Moment” entrances the listener with ethereal vocals and echoing instrumentals. Nostalgia and longing are felt with the song’s hook: an airy, two-toned siren which becomes vocalized with the soft soprano of “Hey you.” The siren is absolutely haunting as it echoes throughout the song like a ghost waving in the distance. “Still for a Moment” is a cry for pause, the sense of distance and loss beautifully framed by Hinemoa’s lyrics and voice.

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Kai Lawren