Sir Video: Young As The Night


Sir Video, a project launched by Timmy Sean in 2015, delivers electric emotionality through his transformative approach to songs about love, the ache of letting go and pulling back. Backed by Frankie Pedano on synths/vocoder, Art Webb on electric piano/synths, Jon Reshard on bass, Ramage Jacobs on guitar, Lauren Anderson and Moana Avveneti on backup vocals, the California-based band has released their 2nd EP entitled Young as the Night. Through a variety of electric pop funk ballads, Sir Video explores the intoxicating effect of love and nostalgia and rummages deeply through the contradictory and often indecisive nature of yearning.

Each track on Young as the Night explores a different perspective of love and growth when in love. Reveling in his youth, Sir Video illuminates a playful and naïve perspective of love in “Young as the Night,” using bouncy vocals and fast paced rhythm to create an electro-wave of emotion in the listener. The album diverges into a slower ballad with “This Magic,” which is the turning point of the album. Reflective and intentional, the vocals and slower-paced tune in “This Magic” create a sense of vulnerability and transformation as Sir Video questions the magic he once felt in love. As a whole, Young as the Night explores the paradox of emotions when in love as well as the growing pains involved in human transformation.

Produced & engineered by Kenny Gioia & Timmy Sean. Mixed by Kenny Gioia.

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Kai Lawren