Olivia Millerschin: Long Weekend ft. Michael Grubbs


In search of the next indie-pop track to add to your “Everything’s Going To Be OK” playlist? Look no further than Detriot singer-songwriter Olivia Millerschin’s emotion-filled creation, “Long Weekend ft. Michael Grubbs” from her most recent album, Look Both Ways. Olivia’s music carries an aura of simplicity that floats softly into your head and wraps your eardrums in a warm embrace. Her childlike soprano is paralleled by emotionally mature lyricism, yet balanced by an overtone of kindness and positivity.

“Long Weekend” recalls a relationship headed for its inescapable end, and the disappointment and longing that is often paired with the experience. Michael Grubbs’ harmonic echo during the chorus only adds to the heartbreak, yet Olivia pulls us up above the clouds with her angelic tonality. There are few break up songs that can convey sadness, yet accomplish a sense of optimism, but Olivia Millerschin hits it out of the park.

Float away with Olivia here.