Norty:We Were Nearly There


Perhaps the most innovative genre-bender to have graced the electronic music scene is Michigan producer and multi-instrumentalist, Norty. His sound is so unique that one couldn’t possibly place him under just one musical category. His resonant vocals seem to stem from indie rock, yet his beats and breaks could have been shaken down from trees in Africa, dug up from under the concrete in Los Angeles, or captured in the rivers of the far East. Norty’s music is wordly to say the least, but with each passing bar you’re reminded that things aren’t always as they seem, and you’re kept on your toes.

In addition to his recorded tracks, Norty has an acclaimed high-energy stage presence, supplied by live instrumentation and consistent progression. It’s no surprise that Norty has shared the stage with some electronic heavy hitters, such as Ratatat, Herobust, Sango, and more.

Norty’s most recent album, We Were Nearly There, is a dizzy, colorful mess of sound and soul. Even his softer tracks, like “Pockets” or “Swimming”, still throw you into a world where sound is the only means of conversation, and the music is frantically trying to tell you something. When lyrics do come in, they make their presence known by projecting relevance and and strength. Norty would never let you zone out, or even blink, which is what sets him so dramatically apart from other electronic musicians. It’s clean, but messy, like a large room full of perfectly set up dominos waiting to fall into chaos.

Go sound hunting with Norty here.