1 2 Watch 4: The Proof: Happy Street


Bringing together the past and present is Los Angeles-based The Proof. Comprised of Drew Dolan (Lead Vocals/Keyboard), Geramie Laufersky (Guitar/Vocals), Ian Murray (Bass) and Lucas Crouch (Drums), this quartet pulls together influences from musical roots, such as rock, funk, R&B and blues to create their signature sound of nostalgia.

On their most recent release, “Happy Street”, the song title speaks for itself. The song begins with bluesy riffs sang by Dolan, before transitioning into a ‘struttin’ along a sunny sidewalk’ type of groove, layered by lyrics fueled by optimism. The sound of The Proof recalls the likes of legendary Bill Withers, with an alt-rock twist reminiscent of The Black Keys or Red Hot Chili Peppers. If one word could summarize their music, it would be ‘soulful’.

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