Jake Knox: Normal EP


Multi-instrumentalist Jake Knox takes the music scene by storm with his recent alt-rock EP entitled, “Normal”. A musical prodigy since a young age, Knox has mastered various instrumentals, such as guitar, bass, piano, and drums, which led him to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he began to pursue his musical career. His self-produced EP contains songs that fall somewhere between alternative rock and indie, pushing edgy and excitable refrains and diverse vocals that truly make his music stand out.

On Jake’s most recent track, “Hold” ft. Nikole Luebbe, he clearly demonstrates his musical versatility. Within the same atmosphere yet dramatically different, “Hold” presents a swaying down tempo acoustic guitar, underlined by a plethora of unique instrumentals and graceful vocals. With such a wide range of musical ability, we can’t wait wait to listen to what Knox produces next.

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