Wyndham: Double You EP

With the mainstream music scene currently in locked into influences from EDM and rap, Los Angeles musician Wyndham graces the indie-rock scene with his new EP, Double You. Gathering inspiration from the sounds of nature in various world destinations such New Zealand and Europe, Wyndham puts together instrumentations that not only elegantly frame the dissonance of his vocals, but are uniquely his own. One of the album’s singles, “Gypsy” gives us a soft and captivating sound, with lyrics that provide imagery that might inspire your own creative spark.

Beyond sharing a stage with top notch bands such as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Bon Iver, Wyndham has locked in some heavy hitters that are featured on the EP, such as bassist/ producer, Gus Seyffer, and composer/ drummer Andrew Borger. On the surface, Wyndham’s music may fall into a singer-songwriter or folk genre, but upon listening, one quickly discovers influences from rock, punk-rock, and even a hint of beach pop.

Perfect for a road trip pick me up, a coffee shop afternoon, or an after work tune to wind down, Double You has something for everyone.

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