William Bolton: Bad Girl

From Detriot, Michigan comes a colorfully-clothed, guitar-gripping, motivated-by-Motown young artist by the name of William Bolton. Willy B began his music career under the mentorship of hip-hop entrepreneur, Ryan Leslie, and quickly took the neo-soul genre by storm through his self produced, guitar infused cross-genre sound. Inspired by the classics of funk and jazz, Bolton infuses his music with samples made contemporary by the beats that carry them.

In his recent release, Bad Girl, Bolton delves into the essence of funk with a horn section, vibrant drums, and grooving guitar riffs. With bouncy vocals that criss cross between R&B and Radiohead, then make an unexpected turn into hip-hop soul, there isn’t a genre left untouched by this catchy tune. Bolton’s seemingly effortless stitching together of the genres combined with his flashy, upbeat sensibilities takes hold any music lovers attention.

Get colorful with Willy B here.