Mesmerizing his listeners with catchy and incredibly unique electronica is Vancouver’s Amine Bouzaher, better known as SIMPLE MACHINES. With the use of instruments such as live-looped guitar, violin, keyboard, and bass, Amine beautifully ties together his orchestral sound with hip-hop infused beats that contain sounds you have never heard before.

On his latest single, “Wayward” w/ Wobbelix ft. I M U R, Bouzaher starts us off with a soothing guitar that frames the soft and angelic vocals of I M U R, before evolving the simplistic beat into a rich and vibrant pulse animated by hidden melodies and dissonant percussion.

The complexity of SIMPLE MACHINES’ music is something to be experienced by all, as Amine has developed an aesthetic that is fresh, innovate, and contemplative. His songs carry a certain ambiance that allows its listeners to get lost in the rhythm of his intricate soundscapes and precise instrumentation.

Take a journey with SIMPLE MACHINES here.