Carly Van Skaik: Red Leaves

Rising from L.A.’s indie pop music scene comes Carly Van Skaik, a soulful and progressive singer-songwriter whose music will reignite emotions left behind long ago. Following the success of her self titled EP a few months back, Carly has released a new single that encapsulates the atmosphere of a young woman relinquishing her heart break.

Composed upon the backdrop of a colorful autumn scenery, “Red Leaves” describes the melancholia of moving past the expectations of a failed relationship. Delivering haunting yet angelic vocals through a unique melody that instantly has you singing along, Carly places her listeners directly into the imagery of her own heartache.

Carrying like a dactylic conversation, Carly sings, “Bare branches swayin’ in the breeze/ I’m trying to stand up on my own feet/ Your voice it whispers softly in the wind/ I used to miss you”. The anguish of her poetry is tempered by an ambient dance beat reminiscent of Purity Ring and Warpaint. With a dynamic track like “Red Leaves”, Van Skaik is sure to captivate the hearts and minds of indie pop lovers everywhere.

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