Cat London: Dangerous Me

New Jersey based singer-songwriter Cat London delivers refreshing emotionality through her tender approach to songs about love and self-reflection. Backed by Paul O’Keeffe on bass, Anthony Freda on drums, and Rich Aveo on piano, the quartet has released a passionate and reflective EP entitled Dangerous Me. Through a satisfying collection of slow yet energetic pop ballads similar to the likes of Lana Del Rey, London explores the hinderance of self-doubt and delves deep into the contradicting layers of her own psyche.

By the success of her 2012 debut EP, “Box of Chocolates”, London performed at various legendary venues, such as The House of Blues San Francisco and Carnegie Hall, and has shared a stage with world-renowned musicians such as Bon Jovi guitarist Bobby Bandiera and Grateful Dead vocalist Bob Weir. London’s music bears an empathetic kindness that can be embraced by all its listeners, which has led her to become involved in anti-bullying charities and run a kindness campaign front lined by her 2012 single, ““The Right Way” featuring Jerzy Jung.

Each track on the introspective album explores a divergent aspect of her convoluted self. Toying with the complexity of the human condition, London puts forth a dark and enigmatic persona in “Dangerous Me”, then deviates into vulnerability with the somber tune “With Him”. The EP concludes with a detached yet careful lover in “Involved”, which was featured on the television show, The Song.

Get in touch with your true self with Cat’s music here.