Today we have an exclusive from San Francisco’s DJ REAL (Nick Stargu) called “Don’t Dance On My Baby”. The track is from his upcoming album “They’ll Say Yes” and is a lively, Zappa-esque, tongue-in-cheek track about the rave culture (though, Nick admits, he has never attended one). The lyrical content is worth putting the track on repeat so you don’t miss a word.

“This song is about a guy who misplaces his baby at a rave. He can’t remember where he put the baby down, near the glowstick bowl, by the fog machine…I’ve never actually been to a rave, but I’m guessing both of those things exist there.

When I listened back to this song after recording it, some of the guitar parts kind remind me of the vibe of Bowie’s Scary Monsters album.  It’s the last song I recorded for the album, and is one of my favorites.”

If you HAVE ever been to a rave then chances are that this will be a very funny listen…

Nick has a lovely sense of humor with a unique viewpoint on society’s seeming quirks. His uncanny ability to blend music with comedy has landed him opening spots for Devo and comedian Rob Cantrell as well as an appearance on Viceland’s show Flophouse.

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