Negative Gemini: Don’t Worry Bout The Fuck I’m Doing



Negative Gemini is Lindsey French who writes, produces, manages, and composes herself with New York style. French, who moved from Richmond, VA to Brooklyn, NY in order to set off her solo career, has put together a sound that transports the listener to another world full of dreamy soundscapes and emotion. Richmond, known for its grungy metal style and affordability, nurtured French until she was ready to make the leap from pond to ocean. In Brooklyn, she has been relentless in perfecting her musical image through intense visual aesthetics at her live shows.

On her new song Don’t Worry Bout the Fuck I’m Doing, French layers soft, angelic verse with a groovy synthesizer drum-and-bass beat. French originally learned production from a previous hip-hop group she collaborated in, and has since refined her talent in order to separate herself from the crowd. A mixture of nostalgia and futuristic, Negative Gemini provokes thought and fluidity through her sonic message of

Her sophomore album Body Work is set to be released through her label (which she co-founded) 100% Electronica Records on August 12th, 2016. Electronica Records is hip to the renewed vinyl craze, and as such only releases projects digitally or in classic vinyl. Typical new-age Brooklyn, if you’re craving a delicious medley of introspective dance tunes absolutely pick up Body Work and become entranced.

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