Keaton Henson : Alright

Keaton Henson is an English folk musician, poet, visual artist, and overall eccentric national treasure. Henson has quietly worked behind in the scenes through his art since 2010, releasing projects every year with little fanfare and marketing publication. Henson, who suffers from anxiety, uses his pain to create beautiful, art that touches on our collective humanity.

His latest album Kindly Now will be released on September 16th. His music video for Alright, his single for the project, debuted through NPR: First Watch. The song is sad and whimpering, transporting the viewer into the mind of an anxious performer. Henson, standing alone on stage, is first thought to be singing karaoke for a crowd. As the camera slowly begins a gorgeous pan-out, Henson’s nervous shaking and stumbling highlights that not everything is right with the talented artist. As more and more is revealed from the camera angle, it is revealed that Henson is singing to himself, alone in room full of lights and festivity. He looks physically and mentally ill, blinking and wincing from the perceived attention and examination the world shines on him.

Henson describes the video as a “visual metaphor” for how he feels about publically performing. He should revel in the community that gathers to watch and appreciate him, but he nonetheless feels even more alone and isolated. Alright is somber and beautiful, with Henson’s touching lyrics perfectly layered over a trepid piano melody.

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