Bo Rocha: Enough For You



Bo Rocha a.k.a. Kate Sproule is an electronic/dream pop artist from London, UK. Her newest song, “Enough For You,” is the second single off of her forthcoming project Hold My Gaze. It is immediately apparent why Rocha is snatching praise left and right from fans and critics alike. Over a watery and wobbly beat, Rocha slides out staccato verse that speaks on longing and loss. Her voice is pitch-perfect, even the blue notes rife with tragic. In this case yes, Rocha, you are enough for us. The song alternates from forte to piano, rising and falling with dynamic strength. The feeling that the song puts together over the course of the track is the high point, as Rocha guides you with her talented melancholy.

 Enough For You is the second single from Rocha’s forthcoming EP, which is set to drop on September 9th. Rocha is a surprise hit, as she has only a few previous EP’s including 2015’s 4-track Even Green that nabbed acclaim from Clash, Noisey, and The Fader. However, she is quick on the path to be the next rising star on the electronic scene. Bo Rocha will be playing at Rye Wax in London on September 12th, which promises to be a killer show. Be on the lookout for Bo Rocha and connect with her below.

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