1 2 Watch 4 – Katie Burden: I Can See It Clear


Here I am again, taking a full week+ off from posting… not for any lack of great music, it just seems life gets in the way and it is difficult for one person to keep it up. But, do not be discouraged – I WILL continue on and share the gems that come through my inbox as much as I can. Today, I was sent a release from LA-based Katie Burden whose new song, “I Can See It Clear”, has a wonderfully hypnotic and harmonic chorus. It is dizzying with its minor chords and vocal run, groovy with its bassline, slinky with its breakdown and all together brings us a compelling release from a new up and coming artist. She is not stranger to the stage or the music scene, either, having opened up for Jenny Lee of Warpaint as well as sang backup for her solo release right on!. Credits aside, Katie is a force to be reckoned with creatively and vocally, and I am sure you will hear more of her music here on WH as well as on your music discovery travels online.

“I Can See It Clear” is from her upcoming album Strange Moon, out Setpember 16 via Cautionary Tail, and can be pre-ordered here.

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