July 01

DREAMERS: Sweet Disaster


Hailing from the coolest town around, DREAMERS is Jacob Wick, Nick Wold, and Nelson. Their fun new single “Sweet Disaster” is a pop, sing-song tune guaranteed to get you through the week. At three-and- a-half minutes, it’s the perfect length to introduce yourself to the band if you haven’t come across them yet.

Singing about the lustful antics of young people in the city that never sleeps, Wold croons an anthemic chorus that really ties the song together. An infectious rhythm to jam with, Sweet Disaster is perfect for listening when you’re driving down the highway headed for trouble. If you play your cards right, you too can “find your sweet disaster in a river of champagne.” Popping bottles and fulfilling dreams go hand in hand here.

Sweet Disaster is their newest song from their latest LP This Album Does not Exist, set to drop August 26 th , 2016. The album comes on the heels of their EP You Are Here, which was released in early 2016. In between the studio and touring as a support acts to bands such as Walk the Moon, Bear Hands, and Stone Temple Pilots, DREAMERS is slowly but surely cultivating a dedicated fan base. Keep your ears peeled in the coming weeks and months, as DREAMERS looks ready to take the stage.




Words by Miles Landry