Papertwin: Vacation EP


Papertwin is set to release their new EP Vacation. Comprised of eccentric musicians Max Decker, Francis Cardinale, and Nick Shopa, the album is a masterful journey through the genius of the trio. Recorded in their respective New York apartments, the EP is a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Their third full release since 2009, Papertwin’s Vacation is a succinct and excellent six tracks. The album has a continuous feeling of 80’s synthpop, but with an extremely refreshing and dark twist to it. Each track is special in its own way, but my favorite aspect was the manner in which the album flowed together. It made it feel like…well, an album; a set of ideas that can stand on their own in singularity, but when added together bring a newfound sense of intrigue and meaning.

To pick a few favorites, track three “The Pool” and track five “Delug”e stole the show for me. “Deluge”, in particular, I found nostalgic and wonderful. The opening slow burn synthesizers on the track gave me a very TRON-like feeling of being caught in a digital world where I didn’t belong. With “The Pool”, Papertwin creates a psychedelic, beachy wavy vibe that massages the inner ear from start to finish.

Released on June 24th , I wholeheartedly recommend any and all to pick up Vacation and treat yourself to a truly authentic and super dope tape.




Words by Miles Landry