diNMachine: Opposites of Unity


diNMachine is Michael J. Schumacher, Nisi Jacobs, Hari Ganglberger, Alejandro Florez, Brian Lawlor, and Michael Evans. Together they form the aural dream team behind the din.

The Opposites of Unity is diNMachine’s second full length release. Previously, Dance to Reason was released in 2014 to deep applause. diNMachine (dM) is not afraid to dance to the beat of their own melodically enhanced drum.

Proceeding through this album is like taking an existential journey. Everything is doctored as precisely as needed; the level of sophistication and depth to the tracks is mind numbing. The backbone of the album is Drum and Bass, a classic genre that has influenced everything from modern day EDM to punk and hardcore. With that as the basic heartbeat, dM is free to incorporate and synthesize different genres together seamlessly.

Throughout the experience you will hear everything from lush synthesizer soundscapes, funky bass licks, and African and Caribbean drum rhythms. Each different flavor is matched with samples straight out of day to day life and edited through several machine processes. The end product is a multi-genre appreciation of the role that music, noise, and empty space play best with one another.

The initial track, eWAFT (listen above), is an energetic and wavy introduction to the album. I found eWAFT and Brise (track 3) to conjure feelings of fluidity and motion. While listening, I could picture electronic tides rocking back and forth soothingly.

In between 1 and 3 lies Jabbrwawky, where dM collabs with rapper Black Saturn to mesh spoken word and noisy funk. The organ choruses and melodies on this number are ridiculously fun and catchy, totally stealing the spotlight. dM uses a ton of odd, seemingly out of place samples in between instruments: sounds like alarms, ping pong balls, and air horns. It works, complementing guitars, drums, and organ in a strangely fitting way. Again, the level of precision that this album required is truly impressive.

Fourth is Dbl Trbl, the shortest listen on the album in at 3:37. A solid Drum and Bass tune, the song is hectic in a free jazz kind of way, but still sweet sounding. Funky bass will never go out of style, with the song sounding like the intro to Seinfeld on acid. Out of this world fun, Dbl Trbl uses double bass lines in a punny, groovy mélange.

Second to last is Give and Go, which totally and utterly conjures images of gym class for me. Sample-wise they use sneakers squeaking on the floor, along with referee shouts and whistles. I can almost smell the rubber of the gymnasium, and picture suicide drills running back and forth. An exhausting track, Give and Go sets up the last sprint before the finale.

Last but not least is the monster Fawcett, clocking in at 15:17. More ambient than the other songs on the EP, Fawcett is hypnotizing with its African drum beats. The drums complement new age synthesizer and piano work, creating an impressive dichotomy. The 15 minute journey will take you through a sonic jungle, passing through wavy clouds, lush melodies, and rolling instrumentals.

The Opposites of Unity is a fantastic sonic experience. diNMachine is touring fall 2016, catch them live before it’s too late.


– Post written by Miles Landry