I absolutely fell in love with this video from theMIND within the first 5 seconds. The claymation is wonderfully colorful and it compliments the lyrical content and message of “Mercury Rising” perfectly. Typically I am not into auto-tuned vocals but in the dreamy ambiance of the track and the stuttering instrumental it fits like a glove.

Being his first foray as a solo artist, theMIND is definitely coming out of the gate swinging. His words on the track compliment his artistry perfectly:

“Mercury Rising is a song about changing your fate. I come from a city where you can barely see the stars at night, much less imagine yourself becoming one. Through this music, I am changing my fate. I made this song to inspire people to not only reach for the stars, but to fly among those stars.”

The director of the video is Brooklyn based artist and designer Kid Super.

Connect with theMIND and be sure to stay tuned for more from this outstanding artist!