Tijuana Love: Tuesday Morning [world-wide video premiere]

Tijuana Love is a newly formed four piece from Central America, skilled in the art of fusing disco and electronica with Latin island funk. Their often campy style and unassuming lyrics make for a playful listen, softening the methodical sound of western EDM with the natural involvement of Spanish rhythms.

Their song “Tuesday Morning” is framed beautifully by this frisky little video shot on the seas of the Caribbean. It seems the bass player here has gone AWOL and the rest of the boys have created an informal search party to find their comrade. In the end, the bassists’ disappearance can be chalked up to a Caribbean cutie. They mutually reunite, drink and jam out in a tropical bungalow with a bunch of free spirited hipsters.


Tijuana Love is prepping their official debut which is slated to drop later this year. Till then, enjoy this single over breakfast and a cup of South American coffee. Connect below: