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  Some Go Haunting is an L.A. duo comprised of Aria Pullaman and Jason Rivera. Earlier this year they came together to craft a full-length album called Wandering Souls. Their latest release since their self-titled debut EP in 2011, so far they have put the five missing years to good use. Later, ‘Kids of Summer’ […]

slothrustshervinlainez_0 September 27

SLOTHRUST: Horseshoe Crab

  Brooklyn’s SLOTHRUST pushes gritty punk rock while lead singer Leah Wellbaum channels the heavy instrumentals in a soulful direction with her artistic and powerful lyricism. The trio’s hit song “Horseshoe Crab” from their latest album Everyone Else recreates the feeling of introversion and submerses its listeners in that once or still familiar despondency. Wellbaum’s voice, detached […]

kaytranada_2 September 23


I definitely see the premier and widespread acclaim of KAYTRANADA’s 99.9% as a great victory in the hip-hop, rap, and R&B scene. I discovered KAYTRA in a future-hop basket with Samuel Truth, Dirty Chocolate, and Geotheory on SoundCloud in 2014. It was love at first listen. KAYTRA brings 80’s and 90’s hip-hop back to life with upbeat, […]

unnamed September 22


  Today we have an exclusive from San Francisco’s DJ REAL (Nick Stargu) called “Don’t Dance On My Baby”. The track is from his upcoming album “They’ll Say Yes” and is a lively, Zappa-esque, tongue-in-cheek track about the rave culture (though, Nick admits, he has never attended one). The lyrical content is worth putting the […]

14364729_1225958697446505_1127788515740684871_n September 21

Negative Gemini: Don’t Worry Bout The Fuck I’m Doing

    Negative Gemini is Lindsey French who writes, produces, manages, and composes herself with New York style. French, who moved from Richmond, VA to Brooklyn, NY in order to set off her solo career, has put together a sound that transports the listener to another world full of dreamy soundscapes and emotion. Richmond, known […]

13495360_10153499274496268_1335926988071871191_o September 20

Keaton Henson : Alright

Keaton Henson is an English folk musician, poet, visual artist, and overall eccentric national treasure. Henson has quietly worked behind in the scenes through his art since 2010, releasing projects every year with little fanfare and marketing publication. Henson, who suffers from anxiety, uses his pain to create beautiful, art that touches on our collective […]

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Bo Rocha: Enough For You

    Bo Rocha a.k.a. Kate Sproule is an electronic/dream pop artist from London, UK. Her newest song, “Enough For You,” is the second single off of her forthcoming project Hold My Gaze. It is immediately apparent why Rocha is snatching praise left and right from fans and critics alike. Over a watery and wobbly […]

Katie Burden Publicity Pic by Kristin Cofer copy July 14

1 2 Watch 4 – Katie Burden: I Can See It Clear

  Here I am again, taking a full week+ off from posting… not for any lack of great music, it just seems life gets in the way and it is difficult for one person to keep it up. But, do not be discouraged – I WILL continue on and share the gems that come through […]

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THE PARROTS: No Me Gustas, Te Quiero

  To start the week off, I have a new one from The Parrots. The track is a mellow, droning track that you would never guess comes from a band in Madrid. Its laid-back vibe has a sexy swagger that can get a bit hypnotic through the fuzzed out, retro ambiance. The allure of the […]


DREAMERS: Sweet Disaster

  Hailing from the coolest town around, DREAMERS is Jacob Wick, Nick Wold, and Nelson. Their fun new single “Sweet Disaster” is a pop, sing-song tune guaranteed to get you through the week. At three-and- a-half minutes, it’s the perfect length to introduce yourself to the band if you haven’t come across them yet. Singing […]